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The theft of intellectual property through cyber crimes is something that not just threatens industry security but also threatens national security as well. The cases of cybercrimes have gone high in recent years and this is because of the increased use of computers and the need to extort information for various uses.

As such, organizations have to put in place the right measures that are committed to achieving more secure information security. With this threat still looming, it is important that companies and organizations continue to review their security apparatus with the view of keeping their confidential information secure at all times.


The malicious cyber crimes have in the past targeted the department of defense and continue to target them even now. That is not all, even the supply chain involved in the supply chain has continued to be a target of these malicious people.

As such, there is a need by the department of defense to make sure that they do anything possible to make sure that they stay safe even as this threat looms. In response to this particular threat, the department of defense has put in place measures they believe can help in keeping this threat at bay.

One of these response measures has been the introduction of CMMC which is a requirement for all the companies wishing to do any kind of contracts with the department of defense. CMMC which is Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification is a cybersecurity security measure that companies wishing to do any contracts with the department of defense have to uphold.

This, therefore, means that any company wishing to do any business with the department has to be CMMC compliant. Unless you are, you might not be able to do any business with the department of defense, this is something you need to keep in mind at all times.


As a company why do you need to be CMMC certified? There are so many benefits that come with this. First, upholding the set CMMC standards will help you keep your business secure at all times, something that will help you keep the most confidential information to your business secure at all times.

For the economic side, you will be able to find business opportunities with the department of defense which is what you need to grow your business. So, it is very important that any organization that seeks to keep its information safe get CMMC certification.

CMMC is all about the right management as far as information safety is concerned. Being CMMC certified by IQC the ISO Pros of Mississippi certified, you will be able to convince the department of defense about your commitment towards information safety.

With the continuation of this trend, there is a very good chance case of cybersecurity will be reduced and information safety restored. As such, this is something that every company needs to commit itself to as it will make an impact on the war against cybercrime.

If you are a company that wishes to do any kind of business with the department of defense then CMMC is what you need. With this kind of certification, you will show the world that you have the right measures that will ensure information security.

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